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JSVBA: Jersey Shore Volleyball Association 2005 Miller Lite/JSVBA Pro Beach Volleyball and Amateur VB Tour
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Volleyball Photo
Volleyball Photo
Thank You for your Registration in the JSVBA/USAV High Performance Beach Volleyball Clinic at Broadway and Jenkinson's Beach, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ on August 6th

We have received the following clinic registrations as of August 1, 2005

Boys 14 -  Andrew Richmond 
Boys 16 - Alexander Pashchuk
Boys 16 -  Cameron Moniz
Girls 14 - Sonya Mickiewicz
Girls 14 - Deanna Kuegler
Girls 14 - Monica Kuegler
Girls 16 - Daniella Gomez
Girls 16 - Katie Moqueza
Girls 16 - Alexis B. Zamboanga
Girls 16 - Phylicia Lee
Girls 16 - samantha baker
Girls 18 - Christine Romo

You should be at the event site and checked-in by 9:45 AM
If you check in after 9:45 AM you are not guaranteed a spot.
If you check-in after 9:45 AM and there is still room and we find you a spot you will be charged a $10 late fee! We don't like to do this but we have to motivate people to be early!!

Please, come early so everyone can get started.

We can be reached by E-Mail at or You Can Call (732) 714-9963