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JSVBA: Jersey Shore Volleyball Association 2005 Miller Lite/JSVBA Pro Beach Volleyball and Amateur VB Tour
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Volleyball Photo
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Improve Your Game
If you're looking to improve your volleyball game, the following links can provide instructional materials to help you develop your volleyball skills. The intent is to help the beginner as well as the advanced player by either showing or reminding the players why, and how certain techniques seem to work best.
Blocking   [Click Here]
The most important defensive maneuver at the Upper Skill Levels is the block. Find out how to improve your rating through effective blocking techniques.
Basic Defense   [Click Here]
Defense is the art of keeping the ball off the sand.

Playing Defense behind the Block   [Click Here]
Got a good blocker? This will make you a better defender.

Better Offense   [Click Here]
Ok, now that your partner has set the ball for you, What do you do with it?

Serve Reception   [Click Here]
Make the same pass on every serve, no matter where you are, and you will win more games.

Where to Serve   [Click Here]
What are the best places to serve the ball to?

Setting the Ball   [Click Here]
Optimize your game by learn how to properly set the ball without getting a penalty.

Passing   [Click Here]
Speed up your game by studying our effective passing techniques.

Playing in Sand   [Click Here]
Learn how playing in sand differs from playing on a hard/court surface.