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During Beach Volleyball's Zenith, 75+ Nets and 1000+ Participants, Do You Recognize the Site?

The Jersey Shore Volleyball Association, and I (Michael J. Borga) in particular, would like to thank all of the players, sponsors, and friends we made for the wonderful memories we have from the nearly 21 years of conducting Beach Volleyball Tournaments at the Jersey Shore.

We will continue to keep this website operational on AOL to provide the Tournament Results, Pictures and the Early History of Pro/Am Beach Volleyball at the Jersey Shore available to all.

Thank You!

And we hope to see you on the beach, Michael Borga,

It is with profound sadness that we report that Walter W. Watson III ,
also affectionately known as "Wats, Watz, and Watz-Man"
died on Wednesday April 9th, 2008.
He was 49 years old and instrumental in the founding of the Jersey Shore Volleyball Association.
He is and will be missed, and may he rest in peace. His obituary may be found at

JSVBA VB Pro Player Greg Shultz passed away on January 18, 2008.  May he rest in peace.
For more information on Greg go to

A Testimonial Email we received in 2007
Mike – I was just browsing through the internet and went to go check the schedule for this year, when I saw that there are no events slated for this summer.  My friends and I started playing JSVBA tournaments about 20 years ago, and were regulars on the “tour” for much of the time since then.  Although my/our participation in tournaments has tailed off in recent years because of whatever other obligations have come up, I can not begin to tell you how many great memories we all have from “back in the day”.  It saddens me a little bit to see the end of this great run, but with that as the case, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport.  Your efforts, as well as the commitment and enthusiasm of many others in the JSVBA organization, have afforded us all fantastic memories that will last a lifetime. 

A Testimonial Email we received  in 2005
Thank you once again Michael for your support and follow up. As I mentioned to you last tournie, your tournaments are the best in my book due to the great organization, the food and above all it seems like you actually care about how the players are doing. THAT is great customer service and that will win you repeat business every time. I hope to see more tournaments scheduled for next year. I plan on being at every one.

Another Testimonial Posting
Hi Mike,

On my way out of the beach yesterday, I stopped and expressed my appreciation for the great operation you run. You mentioned that you wished you heard that kind of thing more often, so I thought I'd email you.

I started playing beach volleyball this summer and it's fast become a passion for me. My first day out was playing fours one Sunday with the JSVBA out at Point Pleasant. Despite the fact that most of my team didn't know much about strategy or beach technique, everyone was really supportive. People gave us tips and watched as we tried to adjust our indoor skills to deal with the sun, wind and sand.

Over the course of the summer, I've steadily improved and won Co-Ed B last Sunday and placed second in Men's AA yesterday. One day that made a big difference was a Saturday that I was registered for Men's B and my partner bailed on me on Friday night to work on his thesis. It was too late to cancel so I took the train down to Point Pleasant (I live in Manhattan) and hoped I'd find a partner. Linda (editor's note, probably means Lisa) was working registration, and she convinced Chris to play with me. We took second place that day and I learned a lot playing with him.

On that day and others, I met more and more of the family. One of my favorite things about the JSVBA is that it's family-run. It's great seeing Nancy, Cam, Chris, Rebecca, Alexandra and everyone else that works with you helping the day get started and playing volleyball and making it easy for everyone to have a good time.

All in all, the world's a better place because you guys do what you do. Every summer weekend on a beach somewhere along the Jersey Shore, I can be sure that there's a bunch of people enjoying the beauty of the day, having fun, and playing some great volleyball.

Thanks for helping make this summer one of my favorites!

And One More
Hi Mike,

I wanted to write a short note to you for sometime but I have been so busy. A few weeks ago I was driving home from the beach recounting highlights of the weekend. There is a strangely pleasant feeling I get when I’ve exerted myself to my limits, throw in a fresh tan and some great games and I had to take a “time out” to say that was really fun.

This winter I had to take a break from VB and recover from a knee injury. My hope continues to be that I work my way back to form during the beach season. After playing okay in one tournament I made plans to stay over and play both days on June 1st and 2nd. Yeah, I was limping around and nervous about it but as predictions developed for a beautiful weekend I was getting really excited. I really miss it when I’m out of action.

In the past I’ve played mostly in the AA and Open divisions. Working my way back I started in the A divisions this year. I have to tell you it was a blast. I met so many new people. Everyone was joking around giving people nicknames... it was a fun crowd to hang around with.
Saturday I played with my brother and Sunday with my wife. “The Stork” and I made the playoffs but got eliminated by two of our friends. It wasn’t too disappointing when we later saw them go on to win the tournament with such happy smiles.

On Sunday, every game and every team was just as fun. Amazingly with a 3-3 record we made the playoffs. We were tired and ready to go home but it was too nice out. In the playoffs we fell behind 11-3. I was shocked much later when the tying point and then the winning point touched sand! Amazing! Two matches later, an exhausted “Dupe” (that’s me) stood in and served the final point of the day.

You don’t have too many weekends like that. We pooled our tokens got new shirts, hats and balls and began thinking how much fun it would be at the upcoming Toyota tour. Mike these tournaments have been a big part of my life over the years. I sincerely wish you well and really hope the JSVBA continues to prosper. Sure, we pay entry fees to your business, but I think thanks are well earned by you and your staff!

Thanks again,
Richard Mehlin

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And We'll See You on the Beach,
Michael Borga, President JSVBA

The JSVBA/USAV High Performance Beach Clinic of 2005, instructors Eric Pavels (back row right) and Michael Borga (on the left) with the participants.