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Results of our Customer Survey 2002

Court Size?

Percentage that prefer the Full Size Court = 65%
Percentage that prefer the FIVB (Smaller) Court = 35%

Rally or Sideout?

Percentage that prefer to play 1 game to 15 Sideout = 78%
Percentage that prefer to play 2 games to 21 Rally = 22%

Let Serve?

YES Percentage that prefer to play with the Net/Let Serve = 26%
NO Percentage that prefer to play without the Net/Let Serve = 74%

Some of the comments we received

i love your tournaments! Not familiar with all the shore sites to give an opinion on
Mike - I'm very happy to see that the group is soliciting feedback via this survey. While many groups have adopted new net/court-size rules, it's nice to have a traditional option....
Thanks for the survey!
We received many comments like the following:
"For rating the beach sites, you should have put 'not played', because, I haven't played some of sites"
We also received many comments like this one:
Please don't adopt the FIVB/International rules
And then there were many that said simply:
Point Pleasant is the best site to play at!!
I strongly believe that the jsvba would benefit from reducing entry fees for 4's so as to encourage more 4's participation. Remember, many new players are introduced to the game by 6's and 4's, not doubles. I played 4's for several years before I even tried doubles. Reducing entry fees and actively promoting 4's will lead to higher profits and more long-term participation.
keep it real borga...please have a grand prix this year and bump up the men's prize money so the big guns come back
Question #6 A token makes no difference is my decision to play, but if offered, I'll come early to get one.
Keep the rules the way they are, the traditional rules. AA level may be good, I feel I'm ready to advance from A, but not quite ready for Open.
1. Women's levels during the "leaner" months of the season - if you are going to combine levels you should let the people who are registered know ahead of time that they will be competing with a higher level than they signed up for. I signed up with a novice and we ended up having an open player (who played with a lower level friend) and some AA girls in our level. It's not very encouraging to a total beginer to play against much higher skilled players, had we known this going in we probably wouldn't have played - or would at least have been prepared for it. I do realize sometimes it's out of your control if people just don't show up, but if you know in advance it would seem fair to let registered players know.

2. Reverse coed - we've been playing it indoor and it's been a lot of fun.

3. I know you have the Gran Prix for upper level players, how about something for the rest? I don't think I'll ever play open, but I plan to get out as much as possible this year, why not offer something for people who play all the time but at a lower level. Maybe even a series with one tournament a month designated

Since you do offer the t-shirts, I do come early to get the token. Is it why I play JSVBA, no. In the past two years, I've tried to play anywhere but JSVBA, but if no one else offered a tourny, then I didn't have a choice. I wish some of your personal rules made sense. I guess we will soon see what this year will bring and who else you may alienate.
run tournaments more often, and have more promotins for more peopel to come
Good Job...just keep playing!!
Keep up the good work! Someof the sites I am not familiar with so I guessed.
Cancellation of tournaments is a bummer i.e. because there are not enough entries. Just reduce the prize and let the boys play!
I think we should play on grass rather than sand
Should offer a women's AA division
i truly enjoy playing, however, it would really be a boost for people who lived in Southern New Jersey if you spread out the event sites like you used to. I remember a couple of years ago going to Ocean City and Atlantic City. It is difficult to try to get up to Belmar or Pt. Pleasant every weekend
court size: whatever we usually play on; what is "let/net serve rule"?; nice that you let us rank the locations; i won't fill out another electronic survey again- i'm busy and can't spend time going back to questions because your survey won't accept blanks. perhaps you should modify it. if i don't have an opinion, don't care about the answer, or don't know what you are asking ("let/net" serve rule), what do I do? i'll pick a random answer that causes my results to be misleading...
I'm a relatively new volleyball player with 2001 being my first full year (3 tournaments in 2000). Therefore I feel somewhat unqualified to respond to many of the questions above. However, I really enjoy playing at the beach and really enjoy Pt. Pleasant. Was not as impressed with the facilities at Long Branch and Seaside Heights. Have not actually played at any of the other venues, but needed to populate them to send in the form. Hope this helps and look forward to a great summer.
I'm not one of your hardcore players, but I extremely cherish those chances I do get to play. As a father of four, all under seven years old, my playing time has shrunk dramatically, and I do what I can. I'd like to see the rules remain the same. We are not trying to get TV time on ESPN, so I don't think we need to adopt rules specifically designed to meet TV's needs. Good luck this season and I'll see you on the beach!
T-shirts are no big deal to me, but I think it draws/keeps a majority of novice players
Your survey results might be skewed because it does not allow for non-responses or neutral responses. For example, if I've never played at Bradley Beach and am not familiar with the location, how should I respond?
question #20 was ambiguously worded. I assumed it meant 'would you participate in the following age level doubles as you get older if still physically capable?' But I'm not sure that's what you were asking. Also, I answered several questions about playing sites with the most negative answer simply because I have never played there. an Not Applicable option might be appropriate
I'd like to see more banners between the courts to stop balls from rolling/interfering with other play
Rating for tournament sites should include another option for those people who have never played at the site -- e.g., I have never played at Wildwood or Ocean Cith and don't know anything about it
On question 10,11,13 I haven't participated at these locations, so my answers are fillers. I have been playing off and on since 1991 and to me Pt. Pleasant is the best and Belmar was second (I know your conflict with the town) best sites to play . I come to play volleyball and to have fun, but I do take advantage of getting to the site early to receive a tee-shirt. A tee-shirt is not the reason why I play, but it is an added bonus and reminder of the day if we don't win or come in second or third. In addition the older I get (32 in April) the more I am apt to play in a set age level competition. Thanks
I feel that without a Men's AA Division, the competition of play for Men's A and Men's BB are very overrated....meaning that the players are better than the level at which they enter to
Tournaments should start on time. Instead of charging extra for people who show up late, ban them from the day's tournament. If you enforced this policy people would begin showing up on time. Right now people know they can show up at 9:00 and still play. It's not fair to those who show up on time.This leads to the normally prompt teams showing up late because they know the matches won't start until 10:00. The 4 team schedule is completely unfair to teams 3 and 4. I have played at other tourneys that had a more equitable schedule. I know the town of Belmar doesn't like us, but it the best place to have a tourney. Please keep the old rules and traditional outdoor ball (Spalding or Wilson) as the standard. I believe that most of the participants in your tourneys are volleyball purists and prefer the old rules. At least that's my opinion. I hope this survey verifies my thoughts. Referees must be encouraged to get the games moving. Warm ups should be limited to 5 or 7 m! inutes. Some teams use this time as hitting practice rather than warm up. 3 minutes of passing and 4 or 5 hits and serves per player and the match should start. I don't know if there is anything you can do to enforce this type of policy, but it might help eliminate 7:00 playoff games. I have a number of complaints/suggestions here, but generally speaking the tournaments are well run and the people are friendly.
We should start playing with the new rules. I've played all around the country and everyone seems to be switching. I'm not a great judge of sites because I can't remember which is which, just make sure there is a bathroom, some shade, and a place to get s
Even though i feel that the newly adopted let serve/rally score/smaller court is not true to the sport of has to be adopted NOW by east coast beach volleyball if we are to keep up with the changing game
Although I live in the Toms River area, I would like to see some more tournaments take place in southern New Jersey like Ocean City
I love playng in your tournamets but I think it is a little too much of a jump in levels to go from A to OPEN. Thank you for this survey
Mens AA is an important step inorder to ensure that all players playing in the open division will create a competitive environment
1. Regarding Question No. 3, I definitely prefer sideout scoring. However, you seem to be implying that in such case, there will only be ONE game played against each opponent. I hope that is not the case, as we'd be getting "less bang for the buck." If running late is a concern, then I STRONGLY SUGGEST that more emphasis be placed on moving the games along. This is truly the thing that drives me absolutely NUTS week in and week out!! Teams are out there warming up forever before matches, even when it's their third or fourth match of the day! I believe the unwritten rule is three swings per player. I have literally seen some people take twenty!! Michael, please consider this - Put it in writing and place great emphasis to all players: MOVE THINGS ALONG!! The tournaments can easily be completed in a reasonable time if such is done.

2. Regarding Question No. 4 - Please, please please - NO LET SERVE!!! I'd rather win or lose presumably on the basis of skill rather than luck.

Stick with the old rules and court size
all sites rated (C) because i have yet to play at any of them. sorry
let's just chill out and have fun playing volleyball
I think we need to move closer to the AVP rules. As much as it seems to be a total changing of the game, we need to evolve. Hand-setting needs to be brought back. The strictness is way above avp level on the jsvba. I think you should have the open division play by avp rules but the lower divisions can take their time changing. We should still keep the pool play format though.
What I am looking for is a nice day at the beach playing a structured tournament with some friends. If you can provide that, and keep the level of play fair, I'd be inclined to play as many tournaments as I could. Thanks!
This will be my first year playing on the beach so I'm looking foward to everything mentioned above
One of the biggest problems at tournaments is that nets within the same division finish at such differing times. Rally scoring would help end that problem and allow everybody to have a good idea when the playoffs would start.
The sites that I indicated that I would not play there is not because I dislike them, it is mainly because it is too far to travel to get to them
It's really too bad that so many organizations are constantly messing with the rules, seemingly casting around blindly (and in vain) to increase interest in the sport. Hopefully, these silly rules and the people who keep changing them will go away soon. In the meantime, I don't see the JSVBA as being a main feeder to FIVB tournaments, even if some of its regulars go to qualifiers. And last I remember the JSVBA wasn't charging to watch, so spectators are irrelevant. So, in the absence of huge, crowd-pleasing players (and huge crowds to please), I would say that we should keep the rules that work for the players we have.
Create a coed 2's division with men's age limits but no female age limit (female can be any age) to allow for partners who are over 7 years younger
Inforce Start of matches on time- you would probably get more players if they know it is being run timely
My choices about the sites are made without the experience of playing at lesser played sites. I've only played at Seaside, Pt. Pleasant, SeaBright, Belmar, N. Wildwood, and Long Branch. I rarely receive a shirt and only car about the shirts we get as prizes. It is frustrating to only get a T-shirt as a third place prize! That is a rip-off! I get the same prize for working my but off for a day as people get for pre-registering! That's not right!
the greater the consistency in the entire program, the better the play in each division. i believe strongly in incorporating a men's AA division but maybe with some prior experience and a men's A division win under the belt.
I cannot comment on Asbury, Wildwood, Bradley, and Avon because I never played there. I think the T Shirts and tokens are great. The only thing I can suggest fo major improvement is getting all the players playing by 9 not 10. I am usually registered by 8:15 and the earliest we start playing is 9:45. Even having the nets ready for us to play on does not make a difference because we have to wait around for the last straglers to show up. This is a difficult situation to resolve, maybe if more than one team shows up late, they will be forced to play rally games against each other. Anyway, I love to play so until you do, their's the beach and all its beauty. See ya in May. Thanks
Point Pleasant is one of the nicest place to play, though I would suggest attempting to get a discount rate for parking in the lot if possible. Parking is extremely bad in the area. Parking is one of the biggest problems with all tournaments. Other then that, you guys are running great tournaments
ocasional co-ed play on Saturday would be nice
You do a great job with the tournaments
I've been playing JSVBA for probably 10+ years and I've never really had any problem with the way it was run. I run tournys myself and I know how much goes into them. It seems like the T-shirt issue is important. Yeah it is nice to get one especially if you don't win anything else, but if it makes a big difference in price for the tourny then you should probably not offer them. Maybe offer them to each team that finished first in their pool or a token for that, this may drive players to play for not only the big prizes but at least get something for playing well up to a point.. I have sooo many of those T-shirts at home that I'll never have to buy one, but I am glad I have them. As for my most important reason to play, my answer is right but I do only play certain sites because of the boardwalk and what I have to do at the site after the tourny, but I wouldn't play at all if it wasn't fair play. Overall you guys do a great job and I commend you for it and if! someone gripes just ignore them they have no idea what it takes to run one!
Don't go with the new AVP/FIVB rules! They S@*K!!!!

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