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Jersey Shore Volleyball Association

Remember that any information that you post with this form
will be available to ANYONE and EVERYONE who has access to the Internet!
Always consider your personal safety!

Answer only the questions that you consider necessary in your search for a team or partner:

Be honest about your experience and skill level. You don't want to end up being in a situation out at a league where you and your potential teammates are not comfortable. Other players are going to figure out your level within about two contacts of the ball while you warm up playing pepper, so don't try to sell yourself too high (or too low).

Most of you know how volleyball works: not too many people are going to ask you to play sight unseen. Your best bet is to get yourself seen. Get out there and play anytime, any place, even if that means coming to an event without a partner in the hope of finding someone who's partner didn't show, and/or playing with partners of lesser abilities.

Age: Gender: Male Female
How Can You Be Contacted: E-Mail Address
Work Phone (Area Code) Number

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Home Phone (Area Code) Number
Describe the Type of Player or Team You are Looking for:

Describe the When(weekends?, weeknights?), Where, and How(leagues?, tournaments?, picnics?), that you are willing to play:

Briefly Describe your Men's or Women's Doubles Playing Ability:

Briefly Describe your Co-Ed Doubles Playing Ability:

Briefly Describe your 4's Playing Ability:

Briefly Describe your 6's Playing Ability:

Describe your playing experience or anything else you think might help someone reading this description decide to ask you to Play:


Comments or Suggestions -- The JSVBA can be reached by E-Mail at

or You Can Call (732) 714-9963

Our Postal Mailing Address is:
1504 Boat Landing Rd., Pt. Pleasant, NJ 08742