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Master's Events on Saturday's in 2004

The JSVBA is pleased to announce that the Master's Events will be taking place on Saturdays in 2005.

Information Posted: March 30, 2005

Ancient Warriors! (Remember, the guy writing this is 54, now) This is your chance to play against people your own age. No more excuses about how if you were only 10 (20?, 30?, 40?) years younger those young-uns wouldn't stand a chance.

Women are welcome to play in these events and are given a 7 year handicap. That means a 33 year old woman can play in the 40+, a 38 year old in the 45+, and a 43 year old in the 50+ events.

This year the teams can be comprised of 2 men, 2 women, or 1 man and 1 woman.

For those of you that haven't played one of these events, they are very competitive when appropriate and bring out the best in sportsmanship in the players.

We hope to see many of the JSVBA Old-Timers on the beach!

The Master's Doubles tournaments will take place on Saturday's in 2004. We will offer the following Age Divisions at every one of our tourneys this year.
- 40+ age tournament
- 45+
age tournament
- 50+
age tournament 

Women playing in the events can be 7 years younger than the required age.

Players are eligible if they exceed or become the required age sometime in 2005, but we are pretty lax about checking ages :-)

Divisions may need to be combined depending upon the number of entries.

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