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Men's, Women's GranPrix to Have Equal Prize Money in 2004!

Men's projected increase to be 180%, Women to see projected increase of 360% for 2004.

Information Posted: May 14, 2004

The Men's and Women's GranPrix amounts are both estimateded to be $3,000 in 2004. In the past we have had guaranteed amounts for the GranPrix but after last summer's horrendous number of rainouts that policy has been corrected.

The final amount of the GranPrix will be determined by increasing the GranPrix amount by $200 for each completed tournament. Each of the first 15 scheduled weekends, May 22 through Aug 28, 2004, will add $200 to the Men's and Women's GranPrix Prize Money Amounts. So if all 15 take place, it adds up to $3,000, an increase of 180% for the Men from 2003, and an increase of 360% for the women on a per event basis.

Only the results in the first 15 events will count in the JSVBA 2004 GranPrix Bonus Pools.

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