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JSVBA: Jersey Shore Volleyball Association 2005 Miller Lite/JSVBA Pro Beach Volleyball and Amateur VB Tour
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Greetings from Asbury Park most recent information VB

For Immediate release:

The JSVBA and Miller Lite Present the 2nd Annual “Greetings from Asbury Park” 
Pro Beach Invitational Volleyball Tournament on July 3-4, 2004 on the 2nd Ave. 
Beach in Asbury Park, NJ in cooperation with Asbury Partners, LLC and the 
City of Asbury Park.

The Jersey Shore Volleyball Association (JSVBA), is recognized as a 
World Leader in Professional and Amateur Beach Volleyball

Who:         Jersey Shore Volleyball Association
What:        $7,500.00 “Greetings from Asbury Park” Pro Beach Invitational Volleyball Event 
Where:      2nd Ave. beach, Asbury Park, NJ
When:       Saturday and Sunday July 3-4, 2004 9AM to Dusk
How:         To enter contact the JSVBA (Jersey Shore Volleyball Association) at 
732-714-9963, web site at, email to or sign up at the event site.
The Jersey Shore Volleyball Association is excited to announce the $7,500.00 
“Greetings from Asbury Park” Pro Beach Volleyball Event on July 3-4, 2004 
on the 2nd Ave. beach in Asbury Park, NJ. 
This event offers our largest prize money purse in 14 years.
Come see some of the best Men’s and Women’s volleyball players in the World.
Last year’s tournament winners were local favorites and then 15th ranked Association
of Volleyball Professionals, AVP, stars, Brian Soldano, Freehold, NJ and 
Jake Elliot, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. 
Runners up were the brothers Michael and David Dipierro from Pompano Beach, Florida, 
Toyota Pro Beach Volleyball Tour stars.
Spectator admission is Free! (Beach Access Fees apply as required) 
So grab your beach chair and come on down to see some of the best beach 
volleyball in the world. Complimentary seating will not be provided so your 
beach chair will be a necessity.
This event, the second Professional Beach Volleyball Event to ever take place 
in Asbury Park, NJ, brings Professional 2-man beach volleyball to Asbury Park, NJ, 
along with the top amateurs in Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Ed (mixed) Doubles formats 
in divisions ranging from Beginner to Professional.
$7,500.00 will be awarded to the winning professional teams from around the 
Nation and World, with potential teams competing from countries around the world. 
Currently we expect teams from, Florida, Canada, California, Washington, DC, 
New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and more.
A beach lifestyle event and celebratory fireworks are all planned as part of 
the celebration of the 4th of July and the emerging "Renaissance" of Asbury 
Park's Beachfront and Boardwalk.
The $6,500.00 Men's Pro Division of the “Greetings from Asbury Park” Pro Beach 
Invitational Volleyball Tournament will consist of a strict double elimination 
format with the top 8 teams anticipated to return on Sunday to complete the 
Championship Bracket.
The Double Elimination Championship Bracket will start play on Saturday July 3rd 
at 9:00 AM. A second loss in the Championship Bracket and the tournament is over. 
The Men’s Pro Division Finals are tentatively scheduled to take place at 2-3PM on 
Sunday July 4th.
In the Women's $1,000 Pro division, the format will also be double elimination.
The intention is to finish the Women's event on Saturday if time permits. Finals 
are projected to take place at 5-6 PM on July 3rd. However, the women must be 
prepared to return on Sunday if we run out of daylight.
With divisions for all Skill Levels from beginner to expert there is a place for 
anyone who would like to participate. Find a partner and get in on the fun. 
Additionally, on Sunday there is a four-player competition, where the teams may 
include up to 5 players, and a single elimination 6-player tournament will also 
take place, the 6-player rosters may have as many as 10 players. 
The Jersey Shore Volleyball Association has hosted more than 100,000 participants, 
from countries all around the world, including Russia, Australia, Poland, England, 
Greece, China, Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and all 
50 states of the US. Our events have been seen by more than 150 Million Spectators.
For more information contact the JSVBA at 732-714-9963, email to or 
check out our web site at
Supporting Sponsors of the event currently include:
Asbury Partners, LLC
Miller Lite and Point Pleasant Distributors
Six Pak Volley Gear (SixPak.Com), Official Apparel Supplier to the JSVBA
Wilson, the Official Volley Ball of the JSVBA 
Wearever Chair, the official beach chair of the JSVBA
For further information or additional details, 
Contact: Michael Borga, 
Jersey Shore Volleyball Association (JSVBA)   

(732) 714-9963

And We'll See You on the Beach,

Michael Borga, President JSVBA