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Thank You and Best of Luck in the Tournament

Your E-Mailed Entry Form was placed in the JSVBA E-Mail Mailbox!

You should receive a Confirmation E-mail in a maximum of 2-3 days. If you don't, call the office to check on your entry!

You can also go to the Listing of Confirmed Entries at to check and see if your entry has been placed into the system.
The Entry Listing Page is usually a minimum of 1 day (24 hours) behind in it's upadating of the current information in system, so if you go there now it will not show your most recent entry.

Remember that if you chose not to show up for the tournament You WILL Lose your Phone and E-Mail Entry Priveleges and you will have to enter by Mail or at the Event Site for the Rest of the season.

You should be at the event site and checked-in by 8:30 AM
If you check in after 9:00 AM you are not guaranteed a spot.
If you check-in after 9:00 AM and there is still room and we find you a spot to play you will be charged a $20 late fee! We don't like to do it but we have to motivate people to be early!!

Please, come early so everyone can get started.

We can be reached by E-Mail at

or You Can Call (732) 714-9963

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